Blechnum niponicum

Family Blechnaceae
Scientific name Blechnum niponicum (Kunze) Makino
Synonyms Struthiopteris niponica (Kunze) Nakai
Common name (Japanese common name) shishi-gashira [lion heads]
(English common name) Japanese deer fern
Distribution (Japan) Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu
(Other nations) none
Chromosomal number n=31, 2n=62 (2x)
Description Leaves ca. 40cm length, 10cm width. Evergreen. Terrestrial. Perennial plants.
Reference Use of plant extracts for treatment of HIV, HCV and HBV infections (US Patent 5837257/1998)
Blood flow amount-improving agent comprising steroid derivative and cosmetic using same (US Patent 5976515/1999)
Compositions of matter useful in the treatment of viral infections derived from plant extracts (US Patent 5989556/1999)
Process for preparing an anti-viral medicinal product from plant extracts (US Patent 6214350/2001)
Heavy metal phytoremediation (US Patent 6576816/2003)
Trace element phytoremediation (US Patent 6974896/2005)
Heavy metal phytoremediation (US Patent 7034202/2006)
Stress tolerance (US Patent 20060200879)
Hair treatment composition and hair cosmetic for damaged hair (US Patent 20060165636)
Bio-derived 1,3-propanediol and its conjugate esters as natural and non irritating solvents for biomass-derived extracts, fragrance concentrates, and oils (US Patent 20070202126)
Blood flow improver and cosmetic (European Patent EP0740930/2004)
Antiviral agents from plant extracts and use for treatment of viral infections (WIPO Patent WO/1998/001144)
Bioremediation (WIPO Patent WO/2004/038027)

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